26, Taurean
Melbourne, Australia
INSTAGRAM: misha_the_unicorn

Hope You Don’t Mind- 360

My insecurities will swallow me whole 
And when they arise yo I’m not in control 
They watchin’ every move and they move with me 
Like “Look at that dude 60, that motherfuckers’s too skinny.” 

I can handle friends tellin’ me I’m underweight 
But from a stranger it’s somethin’ that I fuckin’ hate 
I know you’re unaware that shit’s a low blow 
But you feel the need to tell me like you think I don’t know? 
No, that’s rude, find a bridge and jump off 
And if I tell you to fuck off then fuck off 
That’s not bein’ immature about it 
That’s me admittin’ I’m insecure about it 
And yo I’m sorry if I’m seemin’ insane 
But I wrote this while I was at the peak of the pain 

I am quite frankly sick and tired of being called “skinny” fuckkk off cunts I DO EAT in fact i fucking love food, so how about you just get off my grill and worry about finding ways of losing your fat insecurites?? 

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